Cyrillic Type Travel Book, Vol. I
Editors: Rustam Gabbasov, Valery Golyzhenkov, Anastasia Minasova, Eugene Yukechev
Under the cover of this book («Путеводитель по кириллице, выпуск I») one can find 51 peculiar Cyrillic typefaces yearly selected by the editorial board of Type Journal. Spreads of this book represent type design exquisite, highlighting details and stories behind the projects. The show cases are accompanied by short analytical notes, as well as two essays: ‘On the Appearance and Development of Cyrillic Letterforms’ by Eugene Yukechev and ‘Script and Its Graphical Language’ by Irina Smirnova and Max Ilinov.
Dimensions: 140 × 210 mm. Extent: 200 pages.
Hardcover cold-glue with an open spine.
Print run: 1.000 copies.
Typefaces: Brioni Pro и Brioni Sans (Nikola Đurek,
Cyrillic by Alexander Tarbeev).
Published in 2019. ISBN 978-5-9906754-8-3.

Out of Copy.
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